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What is BI-Manager?

BI-Manager is an easy to use cloud application to deliver analytics and interactive reporting to employees, customers or the public.

The BI-Manager simplifies and extends the Microsoft Power BI offers by utilizing various Azure Cloud services. The solution removes certain limitations with regards to licensing complexities and overhead while allowing for a more appealing and flexible use cases.

1. Manage users, role-based security, and authentication through admin application, API, or connectors.

2. View & Edit Power BI content.

3. Embed Power BI reports, visuals, and dashboards into intranet, applications, and websites.

Main benefits

SimplicityThe UI is clear and intuitive while still offering powerful functionality such as embedding, single entry point for web & mobile and more.

AuthenticationChoose your authentication method, Azure AD, LDAP, Social logins, User/Pass etc. Or use more than one.

AuthorizationFine grained autorization, down to workspaces, specific reports og specific data in specific reports (RLS).

LicensingThe BI-Manager is a SAAS solution that covers all license cost towards Microsoft.

Public reportsYou can easily share reports for the public without any limitations.


Use cases

Public dashboards and reports.

  • Open finance / government

  • Citizen dashboards

Shared internal and external reports & dashboards​

  • Project KPI dashboard for project team, management, partners and customers

  • Board of directors reporting

Customer facing applications​

  • My orders, my busines, my preferences etc.

  • Embedded reports in digitally transformed services

Internal reports and dashboards (AD users)​

  • Management reporting

  • Operational analysis

  • KPI's for frontline employees

Shared internal public space dashboards (intranet)​

  • Helpdesk dashboards

  • Service KPI dashboards

Platform as a service​

  • White label / Seperate instances

  • Other?

Digital assets​

  • Digitally packed solutions & services

  • Intenta survey results

  • Intenta equal pay analytics

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