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What is BI-Manager?

BI-Manager is a powerful web solution from Intenta that facilitates the implementation of Power BI and the display of information and business intelligence to employees, customers or the public

Main advantages

BI-Manager offers the sharing of reports and dashboards in a graphical and simple way through powerful access control and a user-friendly administration interface

BI-Manager simplifies and supports the presentation of Microsoft Power-BI and uses various Azure cloud services for this purpose.

The solution covers the licensing issues related to Power BI as well as reducing the limitations and complexity of implementing Power BI. In addition, there will be more presentation options and the interface will be simpler and more flexible.

  1. User administration, security down to user roles and authentication accessible via web interface, app or API.

  2. View, review, and edit Power BI content.

  3. Integrated presentation of Power BI reports, charts or dashboards through a web interface, app or other applications.


The user interface is clear, intuitive and offers powerful functionality.


Flexible authentication, can use Azure AD, LDAP, Social logins, User/Pass etc. benefits You can use more than one option at a time.

Access control

Access can be restricted to roles, reports or restricted data in reports (RLS).

Licensing issues

BI-Manager is a SAAS solution that can save software licensing costs.

Providing information to the public

Easy to share information to the public, without restrictions.

Application possibilities

Open dashboards and reports
  • Open accounting

  • Dashboard for the public

Communication of information between internal and external stakeholders
  • Status of projects

  • Key metrics set for joint ventures

  • Customer interface

  • My orders

  • Business history

Providing information within a company / organization (eg on an intranet) ​
  • Reports and overview for managers

  • Operational review

  • Key metrics for frontline workers

  • Service metrics

Digital representation of data
  • Survey results

  • Equal Pay Analysis

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