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Financial and operational planning models

We have extensive experience in the implementation and implementation of solutions for planning, consolidation and reporting, and we build operational and decision-making models for companies and the public sector. Many of our customers use IBM's Planning Analytics with Watson to improve financial management and operations.


Do you want better control over your business?

Is the idea to increase revenue and profitability or to reduce costs and working capital? Are you making informed and well-considered decisions about operations and investments?


We have tackled a variety of projects. They are different, but often revolve around achieving better control and an overview of operations, about powerful data analysis and predicting future developments.

Here are some examples of topics where Planning Analytics is useful:

  • Operating and cash flow projections

  • Rolling forecasts and variance analysis

  • Statistical prediction and optimization models

  • Financial statements and performance analysis

  • Personnel and salary plans

  • Sales plans and working capital management

  • Cost allocation models

  • Investment plans

Do you want to see and know more about Intenta and Planning Analytics? Contact us and we will find time for a conversation and presentation.

Introductory video on Planning Analytics and Intenta (2 minutes)

Are the Excel models a problem?

We are well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of using Excel models for various subjects. Sometimes they are appropriate, but often they are not. Who is not familiar with complex, orphaned and error-prone Excel models?


Here are some examples of situations that require more powerful tools like Planning Analytics:

  • If many people use the same model and access control and data security are important?

  • If the user interface needs to be simple, secure and flexible.

  • If the subject calls for multiple, large and/or dynamic dimensions in data cubes.

  • If complex and extensive projects need to be solved in a simple way.​

We love Excel and know every trick in the book when it comes to building Excel models. But in a world where data is becoming more valuable and more extensive, more powerful tools are needed. There, we have chosen to work with Planning Analytics with Watson from IBM and thus achieved good results with our customers.

Hallbjörn Björnsson discusses and presents PAX (Planning Analytics for Excel)
Ingvi Þór Elliðason talks about Planning Analytics and optimizing shift scheduling

Want to know more?

Knowledge is the basis of good decisions. If you want to know more about us at Intenta or about possible solutions in Planning Analytics, it is best to hear from us directly. We are open for discussions.

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Optimization of shift planning
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