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Projects for clients

The projects we undertake are of various kinds, and our relationship with clients often extends over a long period of time. Here is an insight into some of the projects we have done in recent years and are allow to talk about. 

Fjarsyslan logo gray.png

The Financial Management Authority
Planning system for all ministries and government agencies (AKRA)

Intenta has assisted the Finance Ministry with the implementation and implementation of the IBM Planning Analytics planning system. The system is used for all government institutions, including for estimating income, salaries and other operating costs, investments, balance towards government funding and more.

Reykjavík Logo

City of Reykjavík
Reykjavík City's digital policy

Intenta carried out a status assessment for the city of Reykjavík in the fall of 2022 about where the city is in the digital transformation and what is important for strategic planning to answer. The situational assessment was done to summarize meaningful input into the formulation of the digital strategy that began as a result. Here is a link to the position assessment .


Software solutions for the distribution of vaccines against Covid-19

We worked with the company Controlant on the implementation and construction of software solutions and business intelligence for the global distribution of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer's vaccine against Covid-19. In this project, we leverage our BI-Manager cloud solution in combination with some of the latest features offered by Microsoft's Azure cloud service. In the spring of 2021, Controlant bought the BI-Manager web solution from Intenta and took over the ongoing development of BI-Manager, but Intenta will continue to offer the solution to customers through Intenta's cloud service according to the agreement.

Ministry of Finance and Economy

Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
Information technology and digital strategy of government institutions

We developed for the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs a methodology for an assessment of the state of information technology issues and the digital strategy of the government's institutions and carried out such an assessment for the Icelandic Health Insurance. A report was published with an assessment of the digital transformation of public entities that we prepared for the ministry. Here is a link to the report.

HS Orka
HS Energy logo

HS Orka
Development of a control system

HS Orka owns and operates four power plants in Iceland. Intenta shaped the changes of HS Orka into a process-driven company by helping with developing the company's management system, the processes in the operation, the skills of the staff and the support of information systems. The changes have supported the purposeful development of a process-driven, safe and progressive company.


Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland
Planning Analytics for oparational planning and forcasting

Intenta has worked with Landspítalan on the design and implementation of solutions in IBM Planning Analytics that support frequent and detailed forecasts, plans and variance analysis in the hospital's operations.

Reykjavík Logo

City of Reykjavík
Change management during the implementation of a digital educational system

Intenta provided consultancy in change management and strategic planning for the digital transition of education for the staff of this largest workplace in the country. Intenta's targeted advice and assistance has supported the city's management and project team in preparing and executing this major step forward. See more here .

Reykjavíkurborg fræðslukerfi
Icelandair logo

Icelandair Group
Planning and business intelligence

In recent years, Intenta's consultants have helped Icelandair Group and its subsidiaries to use the powerful features of IBM Planning Analytics to support targeted decisions in complex operations. These include regular and detailed estimates of income, operating costs and performance. Icelandair also uses IBM Cognos Analytics for business intelligence and reporting to the company's management.


Financial consolidation and reporting

Össur is a leading global provider of innovative mobility solutions that help people live a Life Without Limitations®. We have assisted Össur in connection with consolidated settlements for many years. Össur uses IBM Cognos Controller and TM1 for financial consolidation and a reporting system from InsightSoftware (CDM) for regular reporting and submission to regulators.

University of Iceland

University of Iceland
Operational plans and business intelligence

For years, the University has used IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Cognos Analytics when making plans for the University's operations and when analyzing operations. Intenta has assisted the University in that journey.


Service policy and implementation

Intenta developed a service strategy with Veritas and followed the implementation that touches on digital transformation, service culture and other aspects of the operation. The strategy and follow-up has resulted in a better customer experience for all Veritas companies that provide important services to the healthcare sector in Iceland.

RL logo

Support for transformation and new roles

RL is a company fully owned by Icelandic pension funds. Intenta assisted and provided advice in the reorganization of internal work and mapping of the infrastructure system owned by the company. The work included, among other things, assistance in taking over the operation of a software system from a third party, support for the reorganization of internal work, change management, planning and professional support for managers, boards and owners. Assistance was also provided with the general structure of the company during times of transition.

Reiknistofa lífeyrissóða
Reykjavík Logo

City of Reykjavík
Project manager for the implementation of a new information management system

Intenta advised on the implementation of a new information management system for the city. The implementation included several project groups whose aim was to increase cooperation and efficiency in the reception and handling of errands, reduce the use of paper, shorten communication routes, improve access to data and thus enhance services to city residents. See more here, along with presentations on the project for the city's digital council here .

Reykjavíkurborg verkefnastofnstjóri
Ocean Research Institute

Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI)
Project planning and forecasting

MFRI uses a solution that was implemented in IBM Planning Analytics to forecast working hours, infrastructure utilization, revenue and costs for the organization's projects. Rolling plans, calculations and variance analysis of projects and departments are made, as well as an analysis of staffing and labor costs.

Herring processing

Sildarvinnslan hf. (SVN)
Salary analyzes for equal pay certification

We have provided assistance to SVN with wage analyzes in connection with initial certification and annual maintenance certifications. The consultancy has included, among other things, statistical salary analyzes and an examination of the relationship between job evaluation and salary. Results are presented in an interactive equal pay analysis report in Power BI that is easy to update and includes everything needed for audits and submissions to certification bodies. You can see a general sample of Intenta's equal pay analysis by clicking here .

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