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Customer success is everything to us

Intenta consulting is about strategic planning, data-driven decisions and successful change. We guide clients through digital transformation and  implementation of planning systems and decision models.

Service and solutions

We work closely with customers on digital development and are a sales and service provider for software solutions from IBM, InsightSoftware (Certent), Qlik and Microsoft.

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Strategy and change

We guide clients through strategic planning and digital development.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

We implement interactive dashboards and insights for managers, experts and the general public.

Financial management and operations

Financial administration
and operation

We design and implement planning systems and decision models.

Governance and performance

Governance and performance

We design management systems and processes and build a culture of continuous improvement.

Planning Analytics

We build models and various solutions in the Planning Analytics with Watson system from IBM ....


BI-Manager is a powerful web solution that facilitates the implementation of Power BI and the display of information to employees, customers or the public.


Our customers are Icelandic companies and public entities....



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